A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin – Book 1 Summary

A Song of Ice and Fire is a excessive fable tale written for adults. April seventeenth, HBO can be launching a TV show based at the collection, e book 1 – A Game of Thrones – to be extra particular. In mild of this I concept a e book evaluate might be so as. If you are interested by the TV display, you can discover extra about it by means of clicking at the hyperlink lower within the article. watch game of thrones online free

This summary does no longer give the e book any justice, but it is supposed as a reminder for anybody who has read the e-book and forgot, so they could put together for the TV display.


The story begins with a prologue, set in a moonlit but bloodless woodland. Three men, brothers of the Night’s watch have found a camp of wildlings, apparently dead. When they appearance nearer, the wildlings are long past, quickly to get replaced with the aid of unnatural creatures, who quickly kill two of the three men.

Chapter 1 – Bran

The e-book portrays the story in a point-of-view fashion. The name of a bankruptcy method we see the bankruptcy’s story because the character inside the title sees it.

Bran is a 7-yr-old boy who is taken in a enterprise of approximately 20 men to peer his first King’s Justice. A guy, sure hand and foot is set to be beheaded by way of Bran’s father, Lord Eddard Stark, for desertion. It is the 0.33 guy from the prologue, 1/2 mad from terror. Bran faces this bravely. After they head lower back to Winterfell, their domestic, Bran’s brother Robb and his bastard brother Jon Snow discover a big dead Direwolf, with 5 wolf puppies. Jon convinces their father to let them hold the puppies. 5 pups are a sign. He tells theirs father the puppies had been supposed for his five trueborn kids, three boys and 2 women. He leaves himself out of this depend however later finds the 6th domestic dog, driven away from the rest. The 6th doggy is an albino and could belong to Jon.


Catelyn is the Lady of Winterfell, wife of Eddard Stark. She discover her lord husband in a godswood. She became of a one of a kind religion, she prayed indoors. The Starks had older blood. Like the First guys, Starks prayed to the anonymous old gods. She brings Ned heavy information. Ned was once a ward of Jon Arryn, the Hand of the King, who turned into like a father to him and Catelyn’s sister turned into married to him. Catelyn brings the information of Jon Arryn’s loss of life. In addition. The king of the area is coming for a go to. The king is a extremely good pal of Ned. Together they usurped the vintage type, who turned into insane.


We find Dany preparing to fulfill her soon to be husband for the first time. Her brother Visery’s has made a deal with positive influential, rich people to essentially sell his sister in alternate for an military. Daenerys and Viserys are the ultimate of the Targaryen line, who have been dragonkings earlier than Robert Baratheon usurped Aerys. Viserys is a cruel and probable mad with goals and rage. Dany is a woman of 13.


The king arrives to Winterfell, with a number of 300. Robert Baratheon, the king, his wife Cersei Lannister, her brothers, Jaime and Tyrion, the imp and a massive host of followers and guards. We find out the king has changed relatively since the final time they met, but he nonetheless is a fantastic pal of Ned. They go to the tombs so the king pays his respects to his past love, female Lyanna, Ned’s sister, who might be queen, had she not been murdered earlier than they were married.


Jon is seated at a separate desk from his own family. He is a bastard and as such does not belong among his trueborn siblings. He pretty enjoys this, since it manner he can get inebriated for the primary time at the same time as his siblings ought to entertain the queens offspring. He is 14, and appears lots more like his father than his trueborn brothers or sisters. His seat additionally let him feed his wolf, Ghost, while the others needed to stay in the kennels. Ghost in no way made a valid, but dogs continually seemed to fear him. Benjen Stark, Ned’s brother and a brother of the Night’s watch joins him and Jon tells him he would really like to enroll in the Night’s watch as nicely. Being a bastard, he had no rights to inherit in Winterfell. Benjen attempts to dissuade him and Jon angrily and drunkly stumbles out of the awesome corridor. Outside he meets Tyrion, the queen’s dwarf brother. After the initial scare, they arrive to an excellent verbal exchange. Tyrion, shorter than Jon, with mismatched eyes, ugly and inebriated, offers Jon a reduce approximately being a bastard and whilst he opens the doorways of the wonderful hall. The light from within makes Tyrion seem as tall as any king.


Catelyn attempts to convince her husband to just accept the king’s offer. The king proposed to Ned that he should become King’s hand and to also wed his elder daughter Sansa to prince Joffrey. During this argument, they are interrupted by using maester Luwin, who brings a message from Lysa, Catelyn’s sister. The message is written in a code language, that handiest Catelyn is aware of. The message is a caution, pronouncing Jon Arryn became murdered through the Lannisters, queen Cersei Lannister. In the cease they determine Ned need to move south to simply accept the placement of King’s hand, taking his daughters Sansa and Arya and his son Bran with him. Since Jon might not be welcome in King’s Landing or in Winterfell, he could be allowed to take the black and be part of Night’s watch. Robb would stay in Winterfell to learn to be a lord. So might Rickon, who became most effective 3 years old.


Arya is a girl of 9 years. The younger sister of Ned Stark. She is not proper on the normally womanly deeds. She is lots greater a tomboy. Of all the Stark children she appears the maximum like Jon Snow and their lord father. Instead of doing her needlework, she is going to peer her wolf, which she named Nymeria, after a hero princess. Sansa, her sister has named her wolf Lady, which seems silly to Arya. They each meet Jon, who’s watching Bran and the princes more youthful brother Tommen practice their swordplay. On the other aspect of the sector they see prince Joffrey with his guard. After Tommen and Bran are finished, Robb is ready to undertaking Joffrey, but Joff makes excuses in a manner that surely scoffs Robb. He asks to fight with actual steel in preference to blunt tourney swords. They’re not allowed so Joffrey get’s to go away, with Robb fuming with fury in the back of. Arya, having visible the show, reluctantly returns to her hated needlework, wherein her mother and her septon look ahead to her with scolding looks.


Bran is on the brink of depart for King’s Landing. He was very excited to leave, ready to look the knights from the testimonies, however now that the day became upon him, he could not get himself to mention his goodbyes. He hasn’t named his wolf but. He reflects that Rickon’s wolf is named Shaggydog, that is silly and that Robb’s is called Gray wind, which became suitable, because he turned into very fast. Instead of saying his goodbyes, Bran goes mountain climbing. He become a outstanding climber, tons to his mom’s dismay. As he climbs on the massive towers, he overhears a dialogue approximately his father. A guy and a lady are speaking approximately Ned becoming the Hand. When he attempts to head closer, he sees they’re both naked. He doesn’t surely understand it, however a sexual relationship is strongly implied. Hanging above the window he realizes the female is the queen and at that second, the lady sees him. The surprise of it makes him lose his grip and simply at the last second, the person catches him. It is the queens dual brother Jaime. Bran relaxes for a second. The guy says:”The things I do for romance.” and let’s go. Jon starts falling to the ground, with his wolf howling someplace deep beneath.

This is wherein the primary episode of the TV show will end, in keeping with what we’ve got heard from the interviews. Watch out for the following article.